Multi-conversation insights

Multi-conversation insights allows you to get aggregated insights from each of your campaigns delivered directly to your inbox. Spending time analyzing individual transcripts and summaries is a thing of the past. With multi-conversation insights, you’ll receive complete source status reports delivered directly into your inbox. 

Multi-conversation insights is available to CallRail customers on a Premium Conversation Intelligence plan. 

Viewing the multi-conversation insights notification 

The multi-conversation insights notification will be sent weekly to selected users based on the Company and Source they’ve chosen. The top of the report will summarize calls for that source from the last week and provide a brief summary. 



If you’d like to dig in further, you can click View all call summaries to be taken to the Call Summary report for further analysis. 

Below the summary of calls, you’ll see a breakdown of the sentiment scores of all calls captured in the segment. 

The multi-conversation insights notification will also surface commonly asked questions appearing on phone calls from the particular source, ranked by most common. 


Getting started 

Follow these instructions to get multi-conversation insight notifications set up for your user: 

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then select Notifications
  2. From the Notifications section, click the Multi-conversation insights option. 
  3. Click Set up insights email to customize the notification you receive. 

  1. Select the Company, Source, and User from the drop-downs that want to receive this source notification. 

  1. Click Save

The above steps should be repeated for any additional sources you’d like to receive multi-conversation insights for, as well as any additional users wanting to receive this type of notification. 


Can I select multiple sources to be sent at the same time?

While you can create source summary emails for multiple sources and companies, only one company and source can be selected at a time during the setup workflow. 

When will I receive this notification type? 

Weekly on Sundays around 9 pm (not Daylight Savings Time). 

What interaction types will I be able to view insights for? 

Multi-conversation insights is exclusively for Phone Calls. 

If I am on a Healthcare Call Tracking plan, am I able to use this notification type? 

At this time, customers on Healthcare Call Tracking plans cannot set up the multi-conversation insights notification. However, we’re working on a solution that respects PII requirements so that our HIPAA-compliant customers can receive these aggregated insights. 

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