One at a Time View

One at a Time View is a focused way to review and classify phone calls. It allows you to zoom in on each call in a list, view all the important details, and classify the call if you would like. Classification includes marking it as a qualified lead, adding a tag, assigning a monetary value, or taking notes about the interaction. 

One at a Time View also houses a call recording and call transcript, if you have those service turned on for your account. For Conversation Intelligence users, you'll also find Call Highlights and spotted key terms from the call listed above the transcript. 

Using One at a Time View

Any call list in your account can be viewed one at a time. The most popular call list is your Call Log, which includes all of the inbound and outbound calls from all the companies you have access to in your account. It's the first thing you see when you log in to your CallRail account.

Other call lists can be created by adding filters to your Call Log, or by accessing certain areas in your Reports section.

  1. Access the list of call you would like to view, such as the Call Log.

  2. Click View results one at a time → below the graph.

  3. Starting with the call at the top of the list, you'll be able to review each call, one at a time. To move to the next call, click the arrow at the top right.

  4. Use the classification panel on the right to score, tag, assign a value, or take notes about the interaction.

  5. Basic information about the caller is listed in the ID panel below the classification panel. Click the pencil icon to edit their name or contact info. This will change their information throughout CallRail.

  6. If you click the checkbox next to the words Autoplay recording at the top right, the recording for the next call in the list will automatically start playing when you click the arrow in the top right.

  7. If a call has a transcript available, use the call rating panel in the bottom right to rate the quality of the transcript on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. This helps us improve the accuracy of our transcripts.
  8. To return to the standard view of the call list, click ← Back to report in the top left. 

Using call recording controls

If you have call recording turned on, you should see a waveform of the recorded call in the middle of the screen. (If you can't find a call recording for a specific call, there are several reasons why a recording may be unavailable.)

  1. To listen the the call recording use the play/pause button in the middle of the screen.

  2. You can skip forward or backward 15 seconds by clicking the skip buttons on either side of the play/pause button. 

  3. You can also use on the dot in the waveform itself to navigate through the recording. The red dot represents where you a currently located in the recording. By clicking and dragging the dot you can move forward or backward to different points in the conversation.

  4. Jump to anywhere in the recording by simply clicking the waveform at the point you'd like to play.

  5. Click Show Call Details to get more information about a specific conversation, like the tracking number and Agent who answered who answered the call.

Using annotations

Annotations let you leave specific comments on parts of a recorded call. Any user with access to a call can view, add, or delete annotations.

  1. While listening to a call recording, click the orange annotation flag to the bottom right of the call's visual display.

  2. In the window that appears, enter your annotation and click Add.

  3. View your saved annotations for the call in the area below the call's visual display. They will appear as the call progresses and stack in the order in which they appear. 
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