Call answer status

There are a few different answer statuses in your call log and call reports that have unique meanings and symbols. Here is a breakdown of those statuses and their corresponding definitions to help you better understand the data provided.

Inbound answered call


When a call comes in and you answer it. Additionally, a call answered by a phone system outside of CallRail is considered an answered call.

Inbound missed call


When a call comes in and doesn't go to a voicemail system after going unanswered for 15 seconds.

Voicemail call


Typically, when a call comes in and our call flow voicemail step answers the call.

We can automatically detect voicemails on the destination number. If a voicemail on the destination number is successfully detected, the call will be marked as Voicemail. If a voicemail is not successfully detected on the destination number, the call will be marked as Missed.

Outbound call


When you place a call to one of your customers.

Abandoned call


When a caller disconnects before 15 seconds have passed, therefore not giving the destination number enough time to ring.* This would be defined as an abandoned call.

*A call can be considered abandoned for outbound and inbound calls. You can see this by looking at the Duration column of the call log or report and you’ll see:


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