Telecom Regulations for Australia

Customers with call tracking numbers in Australia are required to confirm their business address and identity before creating additional tracking numbers. These are global government regulatory requirements in the telecom industry that facilitate the privacy and security of personal data for callers in these countries. 

Required Documentation for Australia

To continue using CallRail for Australian tracking numbers, you'll need to provide our team with the following:

  1. Proof of identity. 
  2. Proof of business ID number.
  3. Proof of business address.

An excerpt from the Australia commercial register can prove all three of these. The address you provide can be anywhere in the world. 

If your commercial register does not prove your business address, you can also provide one of these documents:

- A utility bill.
- Tax notice.
- Rent receipt.
- Title deed.

Fill out the form below for every business with CallRail tracking numbers in Australia. We'll follow up with you via email after we've submitted your documentation: 

Submit Australian Documentation.



Is this only a requirement for tracking numbers with CallRail?

No. All phone carriers are required to provide this documentation due to changing security standards across the globe in the telecom industry. These regulations help protect you and your customers from the misuse of tracking numbers.

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