PartnerStack Resources for CallRail Partners

PartnerStack is a partner enablement tool that serves as a one-stop-shop for all of CallRail's Partners. Within PartnerStack, you can register deals, receive partner commission payments, and explore enablement resources.

PartnerStack is a separate platform for our partners, and we're unable to provide support for PartnerStack-related questions, but we have compiled this list of frequently asked questions you can use. If you need PartnerStack-related support, please refer to the articles below or contact their support team if you need more information.

To learn more about all of CallRail's Partner Programs, visit this page.

Setting up your PartnerStack account

  1. Updating your account settings
  2. How to log in and reset my password
  3. Customizing your discount code
  4. Creating custom referral links

Using PartnerStack

  1. Getting Started
  2. Link subIDs and conversion postbacks
  3. Creating a partner team
  4. Getting to know your partner dash - Video walkthrough
  5. Creating dynamic referral links
  6. Intro to PartnerStack
  7. Contacting your company
  8. Register and track a deal
  9. Submit a referral
  10. What are resources?
  11. What is the marketplace?

Earning rewards

  1. How do I earn rewards?
  2. What are referrals?
  3. How does the link tracking work?
  4. Sharing your link

Getting paid

  1. Getting paid 101
  2. How do I get my tax forms or invoices?
  3. Drip rewards
  4. Adding a payment provider
  5. What does pending approval mean?
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