Merging Your Logins for Account Center Access

If you have access to more than one CallRail account, you can set up a master login that brings all of your accounts under one email address and password. By doing so, you'll be able to use Account Center, a tool in CallRail that lets you to access all of your accounts in the same place, easily switch between them, and, if you're an administrator, manage your users and billing.

Getting Started

Any user with more than one account can access their Account Center once they merge all of their logins. This allows you to consolidate logins and switch easily between accounts. 

Users with higher-level permissions, such as administrators and managers, can also use Account Center to manage users and billing across accounts.

Merge Your Logins

  1. Log in to CallRail using the email address and password that you want to become your master login.

  2. Navigate to

  3. Click Add Existing Account.

  4. Select the link at the bottom of the pop-up window to merge another login into your master login.


  5. Select Continue to Merge Access.

  6. Enter the email address and password for the account that you would like to merge.

  7. Select the check boxes to agree to the terms of gaining Account Center access to this account.

    Please note: merging these accounts is permanent and cannot be undone.

  8. Click Request Access.

  9. An email will be sent to the address you entered above. The email must be opened and the button that says Grant Access must be clicked to approve the request.

  10. You'll receive a confirmation email at the email address associated with your master login.


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