How to qualify leads in CallRail

Qualifying leads allows you to create more enhanced reporting around which marketing efforts are attracting good leads and moving leads through the sales funnel. There are multiple ways to qualify leads in CallRail. 

Auto-qualify leads using CallScore

With CallScore, we'll automatically score incoming leads based on machine learning models that have been built, created, and tested for accuracy. Call recording will need to be enabled for tracking numbers that use CallScore. CallScore can transcribe calls in English (US).

Read this article for more details on setting up CallScore criteria

Qualify phone leads using Keypad Scoring

Keypad Scoring allows you to enter valuable information about a call as soon as it ends. You can score the call as a lead, add a tag to the call for reporting purposes, and record a value for the call. Keypad Scoring messages can only be read in English (US).

Learn how to set up Keypad Scoring

Manually qualify a lead in the CallRail App

You can always manually qualify a lead in the CallRail app using the thumbs up button in a caller timeline, on the activity log, or inside Lead Center during live calls.

You can change the qualification status of any interaction. However, changing the qualification status of an already qualified lead may change the lead qualification milestone.

  1. From the Activity log, you can manually mark a lead as qualified or not qualified by clicking the + sign in the Qualified column. 


  2. Or select Note next to a call or form submission to add a tag, note, or qualify the lead. 


  3. If you're listening to a call recording, you can score a lead under the Edit tab of the recording. 


  4. If you're using Lead Center, you can score live calls in the classification panel in the bottom right corner. 

Create workflows to automatically qualify leads 

Automation Rules allow you to classify your interactions automatically. You tell us which types of interactions you want to focus on by choosing criteria and we’ll qualify, score, tag, or assign a value to the ones that meet your criteria, automatically. Transcripts must be on for Automation Rules to work.

Learn how to turn on Transcripts.

Learn how to create an Automation Rule.

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