Zoho integration

You can build an integration between CallRail and your Zoho account to create and categorize leads and opportunities in Zoho. While CallRail does not have a native integration with Zoho, you can build an integration through Zapier that pushes your calls to Zoho.

Getting started

In order to build this integration, you'll need an active Zapier account first. Zapier is a subscription-based service that allows you to integrate software without writing any code. Using Zapier with CallRail allows you to push your call data to third-party software like Zoho.

If this is your first integration using Zapier to connect CallRail and third-party software, please use our Zapier help article to allow Zapier access to your CallRail and Zoho accounts. After access is allowed, use the following steps to integrate with Zoho. 

Setting up CallRail as the triggering action within Zapier

  1. After logging into Zapier, hover your cursor over the left-hand sidebar to open it and click Make a Zap at the top of the sidebar. 

  2. On the screen that appears, name your Zap at the top of the screen.


  3. Select CallRail from the list of apps and choose a trigger event. Click Continue afterward. 


  4. Choose the CallRail account you'd like to use to gather your data. This is likely the account you authorized in the first set of instructions in this article. Then, click Continue.


  5. Select the company in your CallRail account whose data you'd like to send to Zapier. You can select multiple companies on this step if you have more than one company in your CallRail account. Click Continue when finished.


  6. Test your CallRail trigger by clicking Test & Continue, then click Continue when your test is successful.


Setting up Zoho to receive your CallRail data

Note: These instructions illustrate sending your CallRail calls to Zoho as leads, but you can choose from numerous options in Zapier’s interface to customize which data is sent. Use these instructions as a guideline for building your own integration between CallRail and Zoho based on your needs.

  1. On the screen that appears, select CallRail from the list of apps and choose an action event, then click Continue.


  2. Choose the Zoho account you'd like to send your CallRail data to and click Continue.


  3. Adjust the fields for how Zoho will receive and display your CallRail data. Click Continue afterwards.


  4. Test your Zoho setup within Zapier by clicking Test & Continue.


  5. After the test is successful, click the toggle at the bottom of the screen to turn your Zap on. It will now be accessible from your Zapier home page.



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