Building a custom integration

If you need to connect to an external platform that CallRail doesn't have a native integration for, there are multiple options available. These range from accessible third-party software to advanced options requiring experience with software development.


Zapier is an external platform that requires no development experience to use. It acts as a bridge for data between different platforms that don't natively integrate with each other. You can use Zapier to send your CallRail activity to numerous other platforms that are otherwise unavailable in our pre-built integrations.

An active Zapier account is required. See our support article for more details.


Webhooks are a developer-grade feature used to send real-time notifications to external web applications and reporting systems. Webhooks can be applied to your calls, text messages, and form submissions. For a full overview of our webhook capabilities, read our developer documentation.

You can use this support article for instructions on Webhooks setup and usage.

Custom Cookie Capture

If you are using a third-party tool to track your site visitors through their cookies, CallRail's Custom Cookie Capture integration can be used to associate that visitor data with calls to your tracking numbers. The captured data will appear via a webhook in your third-party system.

For details on Custom Cookie Capture setup, you can read this support article.


CallRail's REST API lets developers directly access and modify their data so it can be brought into an external application. Prior experience with software development is recommended. For a full overview of our API capabilities, see our API documentation.

For more information on CallRail's API, you can read this support article.

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