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CallRail's Slack integration provides you with real-time notifications on your CallRail activity as well as daily performance summaries in the Slack channel of your choice. These settings can be adjusted within CallRail or Slack.

For general setup information on our Slack integration, please see our main Slack help article.

Types of notifications and alerts

Each type of alert provides specific information, included related actions you can take based on the information in the alert. Check out the following alerts to learn how to best utilize your Slack integration.

Performance summaries

These summaries include an analysis of your recent call tracking trends. You can provide feedback by clicking the Thumbs Up or Down at the bottom.


The frequency of these summaries can be either daily or weekly, and the time of delivery for both options will be 9:00 am. This frequency can be edited by going to the Home tab of your CallRail app within Slack and clicking Edit within the Schedule section.


Real-time call notifications

These notifications provide basic call information. Clicking Listen will take you to the CallRail app to listen to a recording of the call or voicemail. (Listen is only available if you have call recording turned on.)


Real-time text notifications 

These notifications provide basic message information and allow you to respond to texts directly in Slack by clicking Respond.

Note: Anyone with access to the Slack channel will be able to respond to texts from Slack if this option is activated. To turn responding off or on, access notification settings.


Real-time form submission notifications

These notifications show what was entered in each field on the form.


Anomaly alerts

Anomaly alerts let you know when something needs your attention, like if one of your tracking numbers stops receiving calls or if one of your integrations stops working.


Muting alerts

You can mute an alert for various periods of time by opening the Mute dropdown menu


Changing notification settings within CallRail

Use the following steps to enable or deactivate notifications for calls, text messages, and form submissions for each company. Daily insights and real-time alerts cannot be turned off.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to change the Slack notifications.

  3. Click Integrations at the top of the page.

  4. Choose Slack from the list of integrations.

  5. Choose the types of notifications you'd like to receive by checking or unchecking the boxes. You can also choose to enable or deactivate the ability to respond to texts directly from Slack. Click Update after adjusting your settings.

    Note: Anyone with access to the Slack channel will be able to respond to texts from Slack if this option is activated.


Changing notification settings within Slack

Numerous options are available within Slack itself to customize how often you are alerted directly within that platform, as well as how notifications you have muted can still be seen.

  1. In Slack, type /callrail help into the message box of a Slack channel.

  2. In the options that appear, click the drop-down labeled What Can I Do For You? and select Edit settings.


  3. In the following menu, click Edit next to the item you'd like to adjust.

    Editing the Schedule item will present you with options on how often, how many, and at what times you will receive Daily Summary notifications with Slack.

    Editing the Configure Muted Alerts item will let you adjust settings for alerts you have previously muted. It will also give you access to any alerts you may have missed while they were muted.



I'm receiving double alerts. How can I correct this?

You may have an older version of Slack active at the same time as the current version. If you contact our support team, we'll deactivate the older version of your integration for you.

My Slack integration is active but I don't get daily summaries or alerts when something needs my attention, and I can't respond to texts directly from Slack. How can I fix this?

You may need to update to the newest version of the Slack integration. Access the company Integration page under the "Settings" tab and scroll down until you reach the Slack integration.

If you are using the newest version of the Slack integration, contact Support.

My Slack integration is active but I don't get call, text, and form submission notifications, only daily summaries and alerts when something needs my attention. What can I do?

If your account is HIPAA compliant, you are unable to receive call, text, and form submission notifications, which may include patient information, such as name and phone number.

If you are a CallRail customer and have further questions, please submit a ticket via our support site. If you are not a customer, please reach out to for assistance.

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