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Our Slack integration makes it convenient to keep up with your lead tracking. To operate seamlessly with Slack, the CallRail integration, which is powered by an app that you install in Slack, requires a handful of permissions.

These permissions are typical for most Slack apps. However, given the climate surrounding online security, we want to reassure you that we only request the permissions we need for the app to operate and will never access or store your information for any other reason.

The list below includes the permissions CallRail needs to integrate with Slack, as well as the reasons why we need these permissions.


Send messages as CallRail: This allows us to send notifications, daily summaries, and anomaly alerts to the Slack channel of your choice.

Access content in your public channels and Access content in your private channels: This is similar to the above. It allows CallRail to post your call tracking data to your Slack channels.

Access your workspace's profile information: This allows us to match your Slack account to your CallRail account(s)

Add slash commands: Slash commands allow you to add, remove, and move companies between channels, among other actions.

Modify your public channels: This allows us to create channels for each of you CallRail companies if you want separate summaries for each.

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