Allow Lead Center to Access iPhone Contacts

We'd like to request a feature update enabling Lead Center to access a mobile phone's contacts, because we'd like to avoid having to manually add contacts via Lead Center. 

We have a use case where we have several tracking numbers per property, but users only ever see the main number, which is what we want. Right now, they are not able to see the associated property because even though they have the main number saved in their phone, Lead Center cannot access it.

We've had users in the past claim that they CAN see contacts added through their mobile phone on calls that routed through Lead Center, but apparently this must have been some sort of fluke because support confirmed with me multiple times that Lead Center does not have access to mobile contacts:

We would like to see this change as soon as possible, because we want to be able to know where leads are coming from, and most of our users utilize mobile, because they are on-the-go.



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    Hey Nick!

    Thanks for sharing this feedback with us on the Lead Center mobile app. The product team is reviewing your request, and if they do make any updates, I'll make sure to post in this thread here. 

  • It is very important that we know who is calling. Without seeing a contact and just a phone number it's a shot in the dark when we answer a call when we have multiple calls coming in from multiple properties and not knowing what property is being contacted.  

    In the past, I have had a few property contacts that were added to my personal contacts that would show up as the contact name but as of recently only one will show with the contact name and all others are phone numbers. 



    Having a feature update enabling Lead Center to access a mobile phone's contacts would be a step up and would further all of our successes and make for a more positive experience. 

  • Hey Hannah,

    Thanks for joining the conversation here and giving your thoughts on this feature request. The request has been submitted to our product team.

    Welcome to the community!


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