how to use tracking number for my landing page

I signed up for callrail and was provided with 4 tracking numbers, but I need to know how to place one of the tracking numbers on my landing page.



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  • Hello Moses. I'm glad to hear that you have your tracking numbers ready for use. In order to use a tracking number for a landing page, you will need to consult your web developer to update your site. It is a simple copy/paste action. It just requires access to your web developer site, which we do not have. 

    Copy and paste the appropriate tracking number onto your landing page and all calls will then be tracked by CallRail. Each landing page can have a unique tracking phone number for improved reporting.

    I also suggest looking into Visitor Tracking. With visitor tracking, we can offer you more information about your leads and customers by providing details such as which keywords they used with your paid advertising source. 

    Here are additional ways in which you can add your CallRail tracking numbers to your website.

    Install CallRail With Google Tag Manager

    Installing CallRail's WordPress Plugin

    Wix Integration

    Also, consider our included integrations with paid search engines like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.


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