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Welcome to the CallRail community! Whether you are brand new here or a seasoned user, we want to hear from you. 

Introduce yourself in the comments with the following information:

  • Company and/or Industry
  • What you primarily use CallRail for (i.e. call tracking, phone system, form tracking, etc.)
  • Your biggest hurdle right now / a problem you're working to solve
  • For fun, tell us your favorite place to travel

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, and welcome to the community! 



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  • Good morning, and welcome to our newest community members dean hua and Brianne Baker

    We're so happy you two have decided to join the CallRail community, and we want to get to know you both more.

    Introduce yourselves here, and let me know if you have any questions!

  • Happy Thursday, and welcome to our newest community member Tom Shields

    Use this space to let us now more about you. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to let me know.

  • Good morning and happy Friday, CallRail Community.

    I wanted to take time to welcome our newest community members Miles , Brad Haage , and Marlo Donzelli !

    We are so happy to have you all and would love to hear from you! Comment here to introduce yourself to the community with your company name and/or industry, what you use CallRail for, your biggest challenge right now, and for fun, your favorite place to travel. 

    • I am a personal injury/wrongful death attorney
    • Marks Law Group, LLC
    • Call tracking is huge for us because it allows us to exchange information accurately and quickly.
    • Technology when it comes to medical records is equivalent to the 8th level of hell
    • Mountain Biking Sope Creek!
  • Hey Aaron.

    Thank you so much for letting us know more about you, and welcome to the community!

  • Good morning, and happy Wednesday! 

    For this week's introductions, let us know the above information about you, PLUS what publications you follow or look to when it comes to running your business.


  • Hello all, nice to e-meet everyone. A little bit about me:

    • Online Advertising/Marketing
    • Phone, Form, Chat
    • Tracking phone conversions over ad spend
    • Kauai
    • Linkedin, Reddit
  • Good morning Chris! 

    I've never been to Hawaii, but it's definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for telling us more about you and your business, and welcome to the community!


  •       Hello CallRail Community, 

    • Waste Management System
    • Call tracking, call transcripts, form tracking, keyword analysis
    • Ads Budget by minimizing the search keyword library. Keywords data from Call Rail and Google are different. We look forward to comparing it further. 
    • New Orleans


  • Hey Varia

    Thanks for letting us know more about you, and welcome to the community.

  • Hello, my name is Matt, nice to meet you.

    • My company is - we sell industrial dust collection equipment.
    • CallRail is now our primary phone system, integrated with HubSpot for tracking.
    • Our biggest hurdle is defining our processes for incoming and outgoing leads
    • Argentina :)
  • Good afternoon Matt Coughlin.

    It's nice to e-meet you, and welcome to the community! 

  • Hi, my name is Benjamin with Magnolia Home Inspections in Nashville TN.  We have been using CallRail for about a year and have been very happy with the service.  Looking forward to building a small community here to increase everyone's knowledge and maximizing the efficiency of this software.

    I will post questions in another thread.  FYI Robin: comments are turned off for everyone else, welcoming individuals to the community

  • Hey Benjamin Hammond

    We're happy to have you here. Yes, please let us know of any questions you have!

    As for the comments, unfortunately, we're unable to comment on a comment. If you'd like to reply to a specific comment, I suggest tagging them in your comment on the original post. If you're not able to do that, let me know. 

  • Chris Lara do you have recommendations on articles or other sources for creating inside sales scripts.  Thanks!

  • Hi Benjamin, nice to e-meet you! I really like what you're asking about creating sale scripts inside CallRail, it's getting closer to what some CRMs are able to do. For now I would just a 2 tab browser approach, one with CallRail, the other with your choice of CRM or SOP doc:

    Low End Strategy: Create an SOP on Google Sheets/Docs, Slack/Asana or CRM that agent can run through as a new tab in their browser.

    High End Strategy: CRM for Sales Script while on Call, use CallRail integration with Zappier to sync up data after the call. Tags setup with CallRail can review the call and sort the call properly into the CRM with those scripts. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Hey Chris Lara

    Thank you for telling the community your tips for sales scripts. I know many members will find this information helpful.

  • Hi CR community!

    I'm James and ultimately consider myself a T-Shaped Marketer, rooted in SEO & PPC tactics.

    My company, Ripen Digital, is a full service digital marketing agency in Northwestern, Vermont (nestled between Burlington & Stowe). We serve our clients by specializing in inbound marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, website design, Facebook advertising, email marketing and more.

    Primary use for CallRail is lead attribution for inbound calls. I have yet to utilize form tracking, and have been considering exploring moving from RingCentral to CR's phone system.

    My biggest hurdle, which I think a lot of our industry is feeling right now, is the switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Having worked in UA for a decade now, and being able to splice and dice with my eyes closed, preparing for the switch to GA4 has been daunting! 

    I love all travel (I lived in Maui for a year after college so it's near to my heart), but locally I love a quick weekend getaway to Lake Placid or Maine's shoreline.

    If interested in networking, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

  • Thanks for introducing yourself James Bowen


  • I'm Michael Primus and I am a lawyer in northern California.  I use CR for a tracking numbers used in direct mail and call recording.  I jumped on here looking for a description of the new thumbs up/thumbs down system and the little thumb in the middle of the screen.

  • Good morning Michael Primus,

    Thank you for introducing yourself to the community! Were you able to find what you were looking for regarding the thumbs up/thumbs down system? 

  • Not yet.  Is there a webinar or something?  It's a new feature in the last month or so.

  • Here is a support article that goes more into detail about manually qualifying leads: How to qualify leads in CallRail.

    You'll find a description of the thumbs up and thumbs down under the section Manually qualify a lead in the CallRail App.

    Let me know if you have any questions!  

  • Hi. I'm Andi, and I work for a marketing agency. We use CallRail to help our clients connect their online marketing programs to tangible results with the call qualifying and scoring features. We also use the forms feature to go beyond the initial "form fill" type of conversion and gain a better understanding of lead quality to grow qualified leads for our clients.

  • Hey Andi,

    We're so happy to have you here in the community! As a quick tip, I would suggest following our Forms topic here in community since it's a big part of why you use CallRail. If you have any questions, let me know!

  • Hi my name is Dean, Dryer Vent Wizard of SE Wisconsin, we do anything to do with dryer vents; cleaning, repair, install.

    I am using CallRail to better track my marketing effectiveness. My goal is to better utilize my marketing $$ and do know what I'm spending and why!

    I look forward to learning from others on using CallRail the best way posible.


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