Jobber integration

Jobber is a home services management solution. When you use CallRail's integration with Jobber, you can see all of your leads in a single dashboard along with the marketing sources that generated those leads, and connect those marketing sources and keywords to actual jobs that drive revenue for your business.

Getting started

You'll need to be on a Jobber Connect plan or higher to use this integration. If you are on an Core plan, you won't have access to the integration.

You'll need one unique Jobber user login for each integration you want to authorize in CallRail. We recommend logging out of Jobber completely before authorizing the integration to ensure you're logging in with the correct account. 

Integrating with Jobber

CallRail’s integration with Jobber is at the company level in your account.  Follow these instructions for each company you’d like to integrate with Jobber.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company you’d like to integrate with Jobber.

  3. Click Integrations at the top of the page.

  4. Choose Jobber from the list of integrations.

  5. Click Authorize. This will redirect you to Jobber's website where you will be asked to authorize CallRail to send data to your account.

  6. Choose Allow to authorize CallRail’s access.

  7. Once you complete the authorization, the integration will be active in CallRail.

Seeing CallRail data in Jobber

For this integration we will create the following.

Clients: we'll attempt to match inbound phone calls with existing Clients in your Jobber account with any phone number(s) associated with the Client. If we don't find a match we'll create a new Client. For each Client we’ll add the marketing source, medium, campaign, and keywords.

Requests: for each Client we’ll create a Request with all the information about the Client’s interactions with your business. For each additional call from the same Client, we'll update the same request. Archived or converted calls will not be updated.


Deactivating the Jobber integration

Deactivating a company's Jobber integration will prevent your call data from reporting to your Facebook account. We'll keep your integration credentials saved in case you'd like to reactivate your integration in the future.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to deactivate the integration.

  3. Click Integrations at the top of the page.

  4. Choose Jobber from the list of integrations.

  5. Select Deactivate Integration on the right side of the page.


Why am I seeing duplicate clients or requests?

The way our integration works is that we search for an existing client and request to update with our information. If you create a client or request after the call ends, there will be two requests or clients.

To avoid duplicates, you'll need to create the client or request before the call has ended.

What data does CallRail send to Jobber?
For each call, CallRail will send the following data:

  •  Client information
    • Name
    • Email
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • Lead status
    • Source
    • Medium
    • Campaign
    • Timeline URL
  • Request information
    • Start time
    • Call summary
    • Call type
    • First call (Y/N)
    • Answered (Y/N)
    • Tracking number name
    • Tracking number
    • Call recording link

Can I send my texts or form submissions to Jobber?
CallRail's integration with Jobber only sends call data. Text messages and form submissions won't report to Jobber.

Is the Jobber integration HIPAA compliant?
CallRail's integration with Jobber currently isn't compliant for healthcare accounts.

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