Bulk Google Ads integration setup

Our bulk Google Ads setup feature allows you to set up and manage Google Ads integrations in bulk. While each integration will still be owned by its respective company, this feature will make it easier for anyone with multiple companies to manage their Google Ads integrations.

Getting started

You can use this feature if you have several companies within one account. Only Admins can bulk manage Google Ads integrations.

How are the groups determined?

The groups are based on the user that authorizes the integration. Each integration authorized by the same CallRail user and Google Ads user will be in that group.

For example, if you log into CallRail as John@callrail.com and authorize two Google Ads integrations, while logged into Google as John@myadagency.com, you'll have one group of two integrations.

If you authorize a third Google Ads integration while still logged in as John@callrail.com but you log into Google as John@mysmallbusiness.com, that third integration will not belong to that group.

How do I set up a group?

You may already have one set up for you! We will automatically create groups based on who authorized them (CallRail user + Google Ads user). If your account already has one or more groups,  you'll see the groups on the Manage Integrations page. 

GAds activated by L.png

Creating new group

Before creating a new group, check the Manage integrations page to see if a group currently exists.

Rememberonly Admins can create and manage groups.

  1. Select the companies to include in the group.

  2. Sign into your Google Account.

    Bulk Ads activation.png
  3. Select which Google Ads accounts should be mapped to each company-level integration.

    GAds pending.png
  4. You can use the same Google Ads account across several company integrations. However, each company integration must have a selected Google Ads account.

  5. If any of your selected companies do not have a website pool, you'll see that indicated in the Requirements column. Since the Google Ads integration requires visitor tracking, you'll need to set up a website pool for each company in the group before you can activate your group of integrations.

  6. Once you've selected a Google Ads account for each company, click the Activate button. This will set all the integrations in your group to active

Once you've finished your setup, we'll apply the following configurations to all integrations:

  • "Send calls as conversions?" Yes.
  • Create one conversion action for all calls.
  • "Send call values?" No.
  • If you are using Form Tracking, "Send forms as conversions?" Yes.
  • If you are using Lead Center, "Send chats as conversions?" Yes.

From there, the integration will be active and will start sending data within 24 hours.

How do I manage my group?

You can manage your group by clicking on its row on the Manage Integrations page. From there, you can:

  • Review all of the settings for each integration.
  • Export conversions for one or more integrations.
  • Update conversion settings.

To update conversion settings for all integrations in the group, click the Bulk-edit conversion settings button, select your desired settings, and click Update.

Bulk GAds settings.png

If you want to change the settings for a single integration, you can click on the gear icon or on the company name. That will take you to the company-specific integration page where you can make the desired changes. Don't worry! The integration will still be part of the group.


How do I remove an integration from the group?
To remove a single company from the group, click the gear icon next to the company name. That will take you to the company-specific integration page where you can deactivate the integration. This will automatically remove it from the group.

If you want to keep the integration active but no longer in the group, you can reactivate it using a different CallRail and/or Google user than you're using with your group.

How do I add a new integration to the group?
Any new Google Ads integrations you authorize using the same CallRail and Google user as your group will be automatically added to it.

How do I use a different Google Account for my group?
From the Manage integrations page, select your group and click the Change Google account button. This will deactivate your integrations and take you back through the setup process where you can reauthorize with a different Google account. All integrations in your group will be deactivated until setup is complete. 

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