Call conversions in Google Ads

CallRail makes it possible to track calls as conversions in Google Ads when you use visitor tracking. Once your Google Ads integration is active, we’ll report your Google PPC calls to Google Ads as conversions.

With visitor tracking, we’ll capture the Google Click ID (gclid) for each of your visitors. When a call is received, Google Ads recognizes the click ID we send and creates that call as a conversion automatically.

If you think you might be missing conversions, check out our No conversions in Google Ads support article for additional troubleshooting.

Getting started

CallRail’s integration with Google Ads requires the following:

- Visitor tracking.
- Auto-tagging enabled in your Google Ads account.

For this tutorial, we'll assume you've already integrated your CallRail account with Google Ads. If you haven’t linked, follow the instructions in this support article first, then return to this article to complete setup.

Instructions for adding the parameters discussed below are available in this support article.

Viewing call conversions in Google Ads

Instructions for current version of Google Ads Instructions for latest version of Google Ads

Once your Google Ads integration is active, incoming Google PPC calls will start reporting as conversions. Use these instructions to find your call conversions in Google Ads.

  1. Once you're logged into Google Ads, select Tools at the top of the page.
  2. Choose Conversions from the "Measurement" section of the Tools drop-down.
  3. If you have configured your Google Ads integration to report all calls as a single conversion, our phone call goal displays as Phone Call with a source of Import from Clicks.
  4. If you have chosen to have your Google Ads integration report first-time callers separately, your conversions will display as First Time Phone Call and Repeat Phone Call instead.

In both cases, our conversions report on the right-hand side of this row.

Important note: Changing the name or source of any of the conversions mentioned above will prevent CallRail from sending your conversion data to Google Ads; however, you can edit the other conversion fields if you'd like.

Tracking keywords in CallRail

Adding the ?keyword={keyword} parameter to your tracking template in Google Ads is the recommended last step in setting up your Google Ads integration.

Using this parameter in your tracking templates allows your caller's keyword data to display on your call log and in caller’s timelines. If you choose to not add this parameter to your URLs, calls will still report as conversions in Google Ads once the integration is configured properly. 


Why aren't my call conversions showing in the Conversions column of my Google Ads reports?

There are a few reasons why you might be missing conversions from the Conversions columns of your report. You can follow the steps in our No conversions in Google Ads support article to help you troubleshoot.

Why do I see a discrepancy between conversions in my in-app reporting and my CSV exports?
This is due to attribution; the gclid in your export is for that lead’s most recent interaction, while conversions in CallRail’s reporting are reported by their first touch milestone instead. For more detailed information about the various forms of attribution modeling, please see our support article on the subject.

I'm not seeing conversions under "Calls from Ads" on Google's end

The "Calls from Ads" conversion is automatically created by Google when you authorize Google Ads' own call tracking, which is separate from ours. Calls from CallRail will only report to the "Phone Call" conversion set up by our integration and will not show under "Calls from Ads."

How have Apple's in-app tracking updates in iOS 14+ affected what can be tracked?

To accommodate Apple's recent changes to user privacy options, Google has stopped using gclids (Google click IDs) for ad clicks in Safari and Google apps. They have been replaced with click IDs which track groups of users in aggregate instead of individually. This applies solely to visitors who are interacting with your site via iPhone, and only if they have enabled Apple's new privacy features.

Previously, we weren't able to post these interactions as conversions. However, as of March of 2023, we can now post those conversions and have started doing so automatically.

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