CSS selectors for custom forms

When creating a custom form, you can use our advanced developer tools to apply CSS selectors to style your form. When editing the CSS for a form, you can define specific rulesets or add additional elements to your form. CallRail has a predetermined set of rulesets that can be used in the form builder.

Using developer view

Set your custom CSS rules in the form builder by using the developer view available in the styling tab.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to create or edit a custom form.

  3. Choose Custom Forms from the Forms & Chats header on the left.

  4. Click Create Form to build and style a new form, or click the Edit (pencil) icon if you'd like to make changes to an existing form.

  5. When you reach the editing step, select the Edit Styles tab.

  6. Click on the link that says, "Go to developer view".

  7. Update your CSS using the rulesets listed in the table below.

  8. When you're finished editing your form's CSS, click Create Form to complete your setup.

Available rulesets

CSS Selector Name/Type Description
Class The parent class for all content, including the form itself.
ID The ID used for the form element.
Class The input class for text input types.
Class The class for a header at the top of your form.
Class The wrapper DIV for field types that include checkboxes.
Class The label class for field types that include checkboxes.
Class The class for checkbox inputs.
Class Wrapper DIV for checkbox field types.
Class The label class for radio field types.
Class The class for radio inputs.
Class The textarea class used for multi-line text inputs.
Class The wrapper DIC used for each form field. Pre-formatted fields that contain multiple inputs (like name or address) may have multiple .form-group classes.
Class  The class for buttons. We currently only support a "Submit" button.
Class  The label class used for each form label.


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