Routing a tracking number to Lead Center

To get your calls ringing in Lead Center, there are a few additional steps you'll need to take to update your call routing settings. This sets Lead Center as the destination for your calls, instead of your personal phone, so you can take calls directly in your browser or through the Lead Center mobile app.

There are several ways you can route a tracking number to Lead Center:

  1. Route the number to a call flow that routes to Lead Center. This requires that you first create the call flow. This provides the best experience for people calling your business and is the recommended method of routing calls to Lead Center.

  2. Route the number directly to an agent. If the agent is not available, the caller will be sent to their voicemail. (If voicemail is not set up, the call be disconnected, so make sure the agent has voicemail set up.)

  3. Route the number directly to a team of agents. Each agent will be rung in order based on who has been idle the longest. Note: if none of your agents are online, the call will disconnect, so make sure to use this option only when you have agents available to answer.

Lead Center and Google Call Details Forwarding incompatibility

Please note: calls to tracking numbers using our Google Call Details Forwarding (CDF) integration can't be routed to a Lead Center agent or Team. For calls to your CDF configured tracking numbers, we recommend:

  • Create alternate call flows for your CDF tracking numbers. These call flows would route to a destination number instead of a team or agent.
  • Turn off Call Details Forwarding within Google Ads. If you choose this option you can still attribute your calls to Google Ads but you won't get the additional data CDF provides.

Routing tracking numbers to Lead Center

Use these instructions to update existing tracking numbers to ring in Lead Center. If you need to create new tracking phone numbers for Lead Center, use this help article instead.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you’d like to edit your settings.

  3. Click on the name of the phone number or number pool you would like to route to Lead Center.

  4. Click on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the Number Options box. For number pools, the box is called Number Pool Options.

  5. Scroll down to the Forward Calls to section.


  6. (Recommended) To route the number to a call flow, click the Call Flow tab, select the call flow where you would like to route this number or number pool, and click Save (How to create a Call Flow).

  7. To route the number to an agent, click the Agent tab, select the name of the agent to whom you want to route the number from the dropdown, and click Save.

  8. To route to a team, click the Team tab, select the name of the team to which you want to route the number from the dropdown, and click Save.
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