Call Tracking Demo - basic setup

If you're looking for a quick and simple call tracking demo for basic setup, this is your video. Below the video, there are timestamps for each section of the demo with helpful articles for more detail.

CallRail Basic Setup Demo

0:00-0:45: Intro

0:45-2:15: Call Tracking

2:15-5:12: Types of Call Tracking 

5:12-6:20: Creating tracking numbers

6:20-7:40: Installing JavaScript snippet on your website 

7:40-8:45: Call log

8:45-9:25: Reports

9:25-14:05: Call flows (call routing)

14:05-15:10: Call recording (inbound & outbound)

15:10-15:40: Billing

15:40-16:03: Lead Center 

16:03-16:50: Form tracking

16:50-18:40: Conversation intelligence & Automation rules

18:40-19:30: Integrations

19:30-19:57: Users

19:57-20:57: Notifications




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