Port a phone number into CallRail

Porting a number to CallRail allows you to transfer a number you own into your CallRail account. Once the porting process is complete, your number will become a CallRail tracking number that you can use in your marketing campaigns to collect analytics.

Porting your phone number into CallRail is free.

Getting started

A credit card must be added to your account in order to begin the porting process

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your documents to the time your number is ported. Bulk port requests can take up to 6-8 weeks. The amount of time varies depending on the carriers involved. Your number may be transferred at any time during this window. We pre-configure your numbers in your account to ensure there is no downtime when the number is transferred.

Be sure you have a destination number to forward to before you port your number to CallRail. Every number in CallRail needs to forward to an existing number you own outside of CallRail. You'll add this destination number to the CSV you upload as the "forwarding number" when you submit your port request to us.

Do not cancel your service with your existing provider until you have confirmed the port is complete

If you cancel your service before the port is complete, your existing provider may cancel your phone number and you may be unable to transfer or recover it.

Once the number is ported into CallRail, standard per-number and per-minute fees apply (just like your other CallRail numbers).

Port a number into CallRail

Use these instructions to submit a port request.

Note: to submit a port-in request, you need to be an administrator or a manager on the account. If you submit a porting request as a manager, our Support team will contact the account administrator or copy them on any emails or communication to obtain their approval.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar. 

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to port the number.

  3. Choose Porting In from the Calls & Texts header on the left.

  4. Click the Create Port Request button at the top of the screen to begin creating your port request.

  5. Type in the desired name for your port request under the Port Request Name header.

  6. Under the Numbers header, click the CSV template link to download the file and list all the numbers you plan to port. To be accepted, the CSV file must include:

    - Tracking number(s) that you want to port.
    - Forwarding number(s) that each tracking number should forward to.
    - Each tracking number's name and source.
    - Companies with your account that the tracking number(s) should be placed in.

  7. Click the Upload CSV button to upload the CSV file.

  8. Under the Most Recent Invoice header, click the Upload PDF button to upload a scanned (or electric) copy of your most recent phone invoice that includes your account and address information for all the numbers you'd like to port. If you don't have a copy of your most recent phone invoice, you can upload a screenshot of the numbers in your current account.

  9. Under the Letter of Authorization header, select whether you or someone else will sign the Letter of Authorization. If you fill out the document, complete the requested information. If you’re sending the document to someone else, provide the recipient’s name and email address in the appropriate fields.

  10. Click on the Submit button when all requested information has been provided.

  11. Follow the progress of your port requests within the table. You will be able to see the name of each port request, who submitted the request, the date the request was made, and the status of each request.

    Please note: When client managers submit port requests, they'll only see a list of the requests they have submitted within the table.

  12. Optional: Click the Eye icon at the end of each row of the table to see a summary card of each port request. This card includes the account name, the port name, who made the port request, and the request date. There also are links to the most recent invoice provided and to the document that shows which numbers are to be ported. 

  13. Optional: Click the Pencil icon within each row of the table to see the unfinished Letter of Authorization if you need to complete the document to finish the port request.


Does it cost anything to port a number to CallRail?
Nope! There's no cost on CallRail's end to port a number into our system. However, we recommend contacting the carrier you're transferring from to ensure they don't charge any port-out fees.

What can I provide if I don't have my most recent invoice?
If you don't have an invoice, you can upload the Customer Service Record (CSR) for the number instead. To get your CSR, you'll need to request it from the losing provider.

Another option is to upload a screenshot of an email showing your ownership of the number, a receipt, or a screenshot of the number in your current account.

Can I port my number out of CallRail?
Absolutely. If you wish to port your number out to another provider, the receiving provider will assist you with initiating the port. Due to processes outside our control, the process typically takes 4-6 weeks. During this time, do not close your CallRail account until you have confirmed that the port has completed successfully.

Which numbers can be ported?
Local and toll-free US and Canadian phone numbers can be ported to accounts that are current, in good standing, and out of the free trial period. CallRail accepts other international ports, but please contact our Support team to begin that process.

Who can help port my numbers?
Your receiving provider will manage the porting process. Once CallRail receives the request to port numbers from your account, we will reach out to the account administrator to verify that numbers can be added and will pre-configure numbers in your account. No downtime will occur on your numbers while the port is taking place.

Why does my number show as pending after the port was completed?
A successfully ported number will show as Pending until that number is called for the first time. This can be done by a customer or via a quick test call. Once that happens, the number will appear in the Active tab in the Tracking section of the app.

How do I cancel my porting request?
You can reply to your existing Support ticket and request the port be canceled, or you can submit a new ticket.

Where can I find the SID?
Please contact our Support team if you need help accessing your SID.

What if my current carrier says there is no porting PIN for my numbers?
If there is no porting PIN, you can write NO PIN REQUIRED or N/A in the PIN for numbers porting in section of our Letter of Authorization.

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