Marking calls as spam

Frustrated by spam calls? Any unwanted call can be marked as spam.  

Alternatively, if your own calls are appearing as "Spam Likely" to prospective leads when you call them, you can follow the instructions in this support article instead.

Getting started

Using the Mark as Spam button for calls in the current billing cycle will remove the call from your call log. The call will also be removed from your reports and billing. It will also "challenge" the caller in the future.

The next time they dial your tracking numbers, they will hear an automated message that says, "Please press 1 to connect to your call".

Learn more about how CallRail prevents spam.

Mark a call as spam

You can access the Mark as Spam button from the caller's timeline:

  1. Click Analytics on the left navigation bar.

  2. Navigate to your company's call log by clicking Activity.

  3. Click the Timeline button for the caller you'd like to mark as spam.

  4. Select the Mark as Spam icon next to the call in question.


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