Registering your numbers on Free Caller Registry

On occasion, you may notice your outbound calls are appearing with nuisance labels such as, "Spam Likely", "Robo call", or "Scam likely" to prospective leads when you call them. We understand this can be frustrating and can result in your outbound calls going unanswered or getting blocked.

To help eliminate "Spam Likely" labels on your numbers, we recommend registering your tracking numbers using Free Caller Registry. 

Getting started

Free Caller Registry uses a standard, centralized process that allows entities making legitimate outbound phone calls to submit their data to the three call management services providers that support the major U.S. wireless carriers.

This process is only available for U.S. phone numbers. If you have international numbers, we recommend contacting the terminating carrier that is marking your outbound calls as spam to request changes to your outbound caller ID.
If you have questions about this process, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Registering numbers on Free Caller Registry

Follow the steps below to register your numbers on Free Caller Registry.

  1. Visit the Free Caller Registry website.

  2. Click Register Here.

  3. Complete the form.

  4. Click Send verification code. (FCR will send the code immediately).

  5. Enter the verification code in the Enter verification code from email field.

  6. Click Submit.

Three to five days after submission, you will receive confirmation emails from the three providers that handle updating all U.S. based carriers confirming or denying the update. You also may receive a email from those providers asking you to setup an account to complete the submission process.  

Form field FAQs

Below is a description of how to correctly fill each form field with the correct phone number format and company information.

  1. Add a list of the CallRail tracking phone numbers you'd like to register. You will need to provide the following items:

    - Tracking number.
    - Display Name (the name you expect to show when calling a customer).
    - For lists larger than 20 numbers use the Upload Additional Numbers option - File upload must be in Text or Excel format and less than 100KB in size (+15554443333 format, all on separate lines or cells).

  2. Choose a business category within the I believe my calls are section.

  3. Contact Name.

  4. Company Phone.

  5. Email.

  6. Calling Company Name (your company name).

  7. Calling Company Address (your company address).

  8. City.

  9. State.

  10. Zip Code.

  11. Calling Company URL (your website).

  12. Service Provider (your phone provider).

  13. Calls per month (estimate).

  14. Provide further information if you have received feedback from customers that your phone numbers are being labeled incorrectly.


Will registering my numbers fix mislabeled calls?
Number registration often fixes mislabeling, but it is not a guarantee against mislabeled calls in the future. Registered numbers can still be flagged or mislabeled. To avoid getting your numbers mislabeled or flagged, we recommend:

  • Remain consistent in your calling behavior by keeping track of unusual spikes in traffic volumes.
  • Ensure that you have complied with all relevant TCPA laws, FCC regulations, and CallRail's Terms of Use.

Should I register the numbers I just purchased?
Yes, we recommend registering any number you recently purchased since nuisance labels are not automatically removed from a number after the previous owner releases it.

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