Troubleshooting the JavaScript snippet 403 error

If you're using the Test JavaScript Snippet tool to check if your snippet has been installed correctly and you see an error that says: “We’ve encountered an error that is preventing us from verifying if the JavaScript snippet is working on this page”, there are a few things can you do to troubleshoot the error.

What does a 403 error mean?

You'll see this error message when CallRail has received an HTTP status code of “403: Forbidden”. This means the server understood the request but will not fulfill it because access is being blocked on the client side. This means that your (or your proxy or host’s) security settings are blocking our ability to perform the JavaScript snippet test.

This error could mean that our request was blocked by your firewall settings or server configurations, or that an authentication permission issue is preventing the test. For example, if you're using a captcha on the page to block bots from accessing your site.

Important: this error does not necessarily mean that the JavaScript snippet is not working properly. It just means we can't verify that the JavaScript snippet is working correctly.

How can I fix it?

While there's a few reasons for this error, the most common cause is that your security settings are blocking the user-agent used to test the JavaScript snippet.

Follow the instructions below to ensure the user-agent isn't being blocked.

  1. Check your security settings and server configuration to see if you are blocking access to user-agents that are suspected to be bots.
  2. Allow the user-agent CallRail-CheckBot.

If these steps don't fix the error, you might need to look into your security settings further to find the cause.

You can find more information on installing the JavaScript snippet and how it works here.

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