Keypad Entry

You can use a Keypad Entry step in the Call Flow Builder to prompt your callers to enter a numeric code when they call your tracking numbers. This numeric code can include up to 15 digits. The code they enter when they hear your prompt will be available in your caller timelines and Lead Center, making it quick and easy to see the code they entered. 

Getting started

You can see the numeric codes your customers entered in three places.

  • In the caller's timeline.
  • In Lead Center.
  • In the post-call webhook.

If you're using Webhooks, you can send the codes to an external platform using the post-call webhook.

We recommend placing a few test calls from a telephone number that’s not included within your call flow to ensure your calls are routing as expected once your call flow is assigned to a tracking number.

Create a Keypad Entry step

Call flows are company-specific in your account. Follow the instructions below to create a call flow with a Keypad Entry step in the company of your choice.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you’d like to use a Keypad Entry step.

  3. Click Workflow at the top of the page.

  4. You can select one of the template options to create a new Call Flow or you can edit an existing call flow.

  5. Name your call flow at the top of the page.

  6. Choose your call recording preference. Slide the toggle to ON to record all calls to this call flow. Keep the toggle OFF if you don’t want calls to this flow recorded.

  7. Select Keypad Entry from the list of available steps. Keep in mind that the numeric code you ask for can include up to 15 digits.

  8. Use the Read Message tab to enter the message you'd like CallRail to read to the caller. The voicemail language will default to the country selected at the top of the call flow. This can be changed in the drop-down menu above your message.

  9. Alternatively, click Play Recording to upload a recording from your computer you'd like to use to prompt callers to enter their code.

  10. If you'd like for your callers to be able to skip your prompt, click the checkbox for Allow callers to press # and skip entering a code. This step is optional.

  11. Name your prompt so we can refer to it as intended on your caller timelines.

  12. Choose another step after your Keypad Entry step to include the destination number where calls should forward.

  13. Continue configuring your call flow to your personal preference. Then, click Save at the top of the page to save your call flow.

  14. In the pop-up window, assign your call flow to one or more of your tracking numbers. Click Assign when done, or click Skip to skip the step for now. If you skip this step, you can assign call flows to tracking numbers on the All Numbers page at any time.
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