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CallRail's Call Flow Builder increases the power and flexibility of your tracking numbers. Using the Call Flow Builder allows you to create unique, fully-customizable call flows for each of your tracking phone numbers, providing a whole new layer of information to your call analytics experience.

To get started, check out any of the support articles in this section to see how you can set up the Call Flow Builder in a way that works best for your business.

Just a few things you can do with the Call Flow Builder

- Create a menu to send sales calls to one phone number and support calls to another phone number.

- Create a schedule to route calls to certain agents or departments based on your company’s business hours. 

- Forward a call to one phone number, and then if they don’t answer, ring a group of phones using a Round Robin.

- Capture and transcribe voicemails automatically.

- Use your SIP endpoint to receive calls.

Once your call flow has been assigned to your tracking number(s), all calls to your tracking numbers will follow the route you've created within the Call Flow Builder. All calls placed directly to the destination number(s) associated with your tracking numbers will follow the behavior of the local phone carrier for the destination number.

Please note: CallRail may be unable to forward calls to certain mobile numbers in the United Kingdom and Australia due to the intricate and variable cost structures associated with some carriers.

Advanced call routing

You can unlock advanced call routing in the Call Flow Builder with two additional options that allow you to route your calls based on location and other custom criteria you choose. With advanced call routing, you can further customize call flows for each of your tracking phone numbers, providing greater flexibility during your call analytics experience.

Advanced call routing is available as an account add-on, and applies to all companies in your account at a rate of 15$ per company.

With advanced call routing, you can:

- Automatically route callers to the business location closest to them by using a Geo-Routing step.

- Route callers based on specific conditions without having to use different tracking numbers by taking advantage of a Responsive Routing step. 

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