Creating a new Lead Center Agent

Agents are users in your CallRail account who have access to Lead Center.

Getting started

In order for someone to use Lead Center, you'll need to create them as an Agent. Once they've been created as an Agent in your account, you can update their settings and give them access to specific information and tools in Lead Center to help manage their leads and communications.

If you have an existing user in your account whose permissions need to change to become an Agent, use this help article instead.

Creating a new Lead Center Agent

Use these instructions to create a new Lead Center Agent.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then select Users.

  2. Click the Create User button, and then choose the first option that says Yes, I want this user to have agent permissions in Lead Center.


  3. Choose the type of access this agent should have. Once you've made your selection, click User Info to move to the next step.

    If this person should only have access to Lead Center (and not the rest of your CallRail account), choose Agent.

    If this person should have access to the rest of your CallRail account, you can choose from one of the other three options depending on how much access this person should have. Learn more about the different user types in CallRail and their permissions.


  4. Enter your agent's information, then click Select a company to move to the next step.

  5. Choose the companies that this Agent should have access to (if you have multiple companies in your account using Lead Center).

  6. Review your agent's information, and add a personal note to their email invite if you'd like.  Click Send when finished to email your agent an invite to Lead Center.


  7. Once your agent has accepted their email invite and set their password, you'll be able to update their Lead Center permissions. To see how to adjust Lead Center permissions for an Agent, read this help article.

Example email

Here's an example of the email we send your agent that asks them to create their password:



Can Agent-only users receive email notifications?

Not at this time, but they can receive push notifications via the Lead Center mobile app. Check out how to enable mobile push notifications for the Lead Center mobile app.

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