Bandwidth is the measure of how much data your network can transfer at one time and is commonly measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Low bandwidth can cause reduced call quality, missed calls, and other unintended behavior within Lead Center.

Testing the bandwidth of your network

Perform a network test that also reports on the download and upload bandwidth of your network. We recommend using this speed test or this tool. For optimal Lead Center performance, we recommend at least 100 kbps of downstream and upstream bandwidth delivered by your internet service provider (ISP) for each call.

To measure how many concurrent calls you can expect based on your internet speed, follow the example below. Be sure to utilize the lower of the two bandwidth numbers from your test (this is most often Upload speed).

1 Mbps is the same as 1000 kbps (or 0.100 Mbps). In this example, you have 10 Mbps of upload bandwidth. Follow this easy formula to calculate how many concurrent calls your network can handle at maximum.

Lowest bandwidth speed / 0.100 Mbps (the amount of bandwidth required for a single VoIP call) = Amount of maximum concurrent calls.

10 Mbps / 0.100 Mbps = 100 concurrent calls.

Improving your network bandwidth

  1. Reduce the amount of devices connected to the network.

  2. Contact your ISP to upgrade your bandwidth based on the amount of concurrent calls you expect during peak business hours.

If you are still experiencing missed calls and call quality issues in Lead Center after performing the troubleshooting above, please send several call examples to our Support team so we can investigate further.

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