Troubleshooting hardware in Lead Center

Local network troubleshooting

Before you start troubleshooting, reboot your router/modem and then place a test call to see if the issue persists.

Test your connection

We recommend doing a speed test to determine your bandwidth. You can use any speed test you like. However, we recommend these speed tests.
Network Performance Test

For optimal Lead Center performance, we recommend at least 100 kbps of downstream and upstream bandwidth delivered by your internet service provider for each call.

Network setup

  • Whenever possible, we recommend using an ethernet cable connection, as this is typically more reliable than a wireless connection and has better sound quality.
  • To help eliminate any potential audio or performance issues, reduce the amount of unnecessary devices connected to the network and other bandwidth heavy functions (large data transfers, online gaming, etc.).

Router settings

Sometimes a setting in your router can affect the quality of calls and overall performance in Lead Center. Ask your network administrator if you don’t know where to find these settings or how to adjust them, as they can affect both wired and wireless connections.

First, ensure your router is configured with a low buffer size. Then check the following settings.

SIP Application Level Gateway (ALG)
If your router has this function, make sure you deactivate it. An ALG can modify your SIP packets and cause unexpected problems with sound quality. Since every router is different, we recommend that you refer to the router manufacturer’s documentation to deactivate the function.

Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
If your router has this function, make sure you deactivate it. This setting on your router determines the specific packets that are allowed through the firewall. Having SPI enabled on your router can cause packet loss of voice packets during VoIP calls.

If you are experiencing audio or performance issues with Lead Center, this guide can help further pinpoint the portion of your network that may be causing the behavior.

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