Swap target formatting

If a tracking number you expected to swap on your website is not swapping, it may be a good idea to make sure your swap target formatting is correct.

Getting started

First, make sure the swap target number (the number you have assigned to swap with the tracking number) is present on the web page you’re testing. Then, check that the tracking number marked “not found” is a tracking number you intend to use on that page.

Read this help article for more information on swap targets.

Checking your swap target formatting

Once you've confirmed your swap target is on the page and you're troubleshooting the correct tracking number, continue by checking your swap target number formatting.

  1. Make sure no stylized text is present, such as quotes, elongated dashes, end dashes, etc.

  2. Check for <span> tags that break up the swap target number. Sometimes this is intentional to prevent the number from swapping. If you’d like the number to swap, remove any <span> tags.

  3. Make sure the script is not nested inside another element such as an <iframe>, <header>, or <noscript> tag. If the script is inside of a <iframe> tag, it will not work. 

  4. If your swap target is a vanity number (ex. 888-CALL-NOW), please contact our support team to configure the vanity number to properly swap.

  5. Double-check that the swap target is present in the source code of your URL in one of the following formats: 111-222-3333, 111.222.3333, and (111) 222-3333.

    -AU number formats: 11 2222 3333 (local) or +11 2 3333 4444(e164).
    -UK number formats: 111 2222 3333 (local) or +111222333344(e164).

  6. To check this, view the source code on the web page and search the last 4 digits of the swap target to see if the swap target is on the page.

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