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Can calls be blocked in Lead Center?
This is a feature that’s on the roadmap, but for now, callers can only be blocked from the timeline or in the Blocked Numbers list on the Settings page.

How many SMS texts are included in my Lead Center plan?
Lead Center Connect plans include unlimited SMS. If you are on Lead Center Essentials, Standard, or Premium, SMS texts are determined by the Call Tracking plan you are on.

What is the character limit for SMS in Lead Center?
There is no actual character limit. When the texts reach over a certain size they are sent as an MMS and the size limit for these interactions is 5 MB.

Will I receive calls for all companies?
In the Lead Center browser app, you will receive calls for the companies you have selected from the Multi-Company dropdown. You can select up to 10 Companies via Lead Center at a time. Agents using the mobile app will receive calls for each company despite choosing one when they first log in.

Do you support ring tones?
No. Lead Center calls will use the same ring tone that is set for all other incoming calls.

Can international accounts use Lead Center?
Yes! International accounts can use Lead Center's desktop application to receive inbound calls. However, outbound calls to international numbers are not supported at this time.

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