Classifying interactions in Lead Center

Classifying your interactions in CallRail is the first step to organizing and analyzing your leads. There are three main ways to classify an interaction: mark as qualified, add a tag, or assign a monetary value. 

  • Qualifying leads allows you to create better reporting around which marketing efforts are attracting good leads and moving leads through the sales funnel. Learn more.
  • Tags are a helpful way to sort and categorize your calls and form submissions. Learn more.
  • Adding values to calls helps you keep track of high-value leads and see the amount of revenue brought in by each agent, PPC keyword, and marketing source. Learn more.

Using the classification section in Lead Center

Agents can use the classification section in the interaction panel to qualify, tag, take notes, or assign a value to any interaction in Lead Center during or after the interaction takes place.

  1. For agents currently handling an interaction, the classification section can be found in the interaction panel.
  2. To access the classification section for an interaction after it has ended, click the name of a person in the Reviewed section of the inbox.
  3. You can also select past interactions from a person's interaction history. Once you've selected a person's name in the Reviewed section of the inbox, click the more interactions link in the top right corner of the interaction panel.

  4. Choose the interaction you'd like to classify from the timeline and use the classification section to make changes.

How to qualify a lead

Qualification is associated with a person. If you mark a person as qualified during a phone call, they will continue to show up as qualified in all of their future interactions.

You can change the qualification status of any interaction. However, changing the qualification status of an already qualified lead may change the lead qualification milestone.

  1. To mark a lead as qualified or not qualified, use one of the methods listed in the previous section to highlight a lead or interaction. Use the thumbs-up icons to mark the lead as qualified or not qualified.

  2. To change someone from qualified to not qualified, choose any interaction with that person and click the thumbs-down icon. This will update that person's status throughout CallRail.

How to tag an interaction  

Tags are associated with interactions, not people. When you add a tag to an interaction, it will not show up automatically on future interactions.

  1. To add a tag to an interaction, select the interaction you want to tag.
  2. Click the + icon next to the Tags label, and choose a tag from your list of existing tabs, or click the Create New Tag button to create a new tag. 

How to assign a value

Values are associated with interactions, not people. When you add a value to an interaction, it will not show up automatically on future interactions.

  1. To assign a monetary value to the interaction, click the + icon next to the Value label, and type in a monetary value in the box. 

How to add notes to an interaction

Like tags and values, notes are associated with interactions, not people. 

  1. To enter notes about an interaction, type them in the Notes box. Notes save automatically after you type them. 


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