Getting started with Lead Center

Want to get started with Lead Center? In less than 10 minutes, you'll have everything you need to start using Lead Center.

This article will guide administrators and managers on how to use Lead Center. If you are an Agent, you can use this article for more in depth information.

You can also check out the demo in this community post for a quick and simple Lead Center walkthrough.

Logging into Lead Center

You can access Lead Center through your web browser by signing into your CallRail account and clicking the Lead Center icon on the left navigation bar. 

Lead Center mobile app

You can also take Lead Center on the go by using our Lead Center mobile app, which allows you to classify interactions, make calls, send text messages, and more. Use this article to learn more about the Lead Center mobile app.

Create a Lead Center agent

Agents are users in your CallRail account who have access to Lead Center. In order for someone to use Lead Center, you'll need to create them as an agent. Use this help article to learn how to create a Lead Center Agent.

Create a team

In Lead Center, you can group agents into teams. Teams help by organizing your agents based on their roles, functions, schedules, or other factors. You can use these teams when you create queues and build call flows. Use this help article to learn more about creating teams.

Set up a call flow

Once you’ve created a tracking number, you can use call flows to configure how your incoming calls are routed, and what callers experience when they call your tracking numbers. Use this article to learn more about creating call flows.

Set up chat

Lead Center's chat tool allows you to track and respond to each chat message sent via your website. Each time a customer sends a chat message, we’ll instantly alert you with a desktop notification or an email. Use this help article to learn how to set up chat.

Microphone permissions

To place calls, you will need to grant Lead Center permission to use your computer’s microphone. If you place or answer calls in Lead Center with your permissions turned off, the person on the other line won’t be able to hear you. Use this article to set up microphone permissions.

Set your availability

Set your availability to make sure you aren’t missing any customer interactions. Setting your status as available will allow you to take inbound interactions. If you set your status as offline, you won’t be able to receive  incoming interactions, but you can still make outbound calls and texts. Use this article to learn how to set up your availability. 

Set up notifications

You can set up notifications to alert you when you receive an incoming call, text, chat, or form submission. These notifications help prevent missed calls and serve as a convenient way for Lead Center agents to stay on top of their interactions, even while multitasking. Use this article to learn how to set up notifications.

Place calls and send text messages

One of Lead Center's primary functions is serving as a telephone system that agents can use to place and answer calls and texts over the internet using their computer. You can place calls and texts from the interaction panel or the inbox. Use these help articles to learn more:

Sending text messages in Lead Center.

Placing and answering calls in Lead Center.

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