How CallRail prevents spam

If you’ve ever answered your phone and heard silence, static, or an automated message on the other end of the line, then you know the frustration of calls from robodialers. Since robodialers often spoof the caller ID, it's difficult to block and prevent them from calling random phone numbers.

This article details multiple methods you can use to curb these calls to your tracking numbers.

Alternately, if your own calls are appearing as "Scam Likely" to prospective leads, you can refer to this support article.

Challenging calls

When a website pool is created, it is automatically equipped with a spam prevention tool. This tool allows CallRail to identify if the numbers within your website pool have been assigned to visitors coming to your website. For the first 48 hours after the website pool is created, you can place test calls to your visitor tracking numbers without our spam prevention tool prompting you to press one to connect.

If you receive a call after the 48-hour window and your visitor tracking numbers haven't yet been assigned to a website visitor, CallRail will automatically challenge that call with a message that states, "This number won’t be activated until it is displayed to a customer on your website. To place your call anyway, please press 1 now."

This message, which challenges calls to visitor tracking numbers that have not been recently assigned, reduces the likelihood that these numbers will be targeted by spam calls. Follow the instructions below if you wish to turn this default feature off. 

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you’d like to stop challenging calls.

  3. Choose Blocked Numbers in the Lead Management header on the left.

  4. Find the option for Calls to Inactive Numbers and change the selection to the Allow option.

Blocking robocallers and telemarketers

Each CallRail account is automatically configured to "Challenge" telephone numbers that are known robodialers and/or telemarketers (this service is included at no additional cost). This advanced anti-spam technology allows CallRail to check the telephone number of each incoming call to your tracking numbers against a collaborative database of telephone numbers that are known robodialers. If a caller's telephone number is not in this database, the call will route to your tracking number as expected with no delay.

Using a menu within the Call Flow Builder

The Call Flow Builder can catch or divert spam callers by creating steps that would challenge the caller, solving a spam problem with 100% accuracy. You can create a Menu step within a Call Flow, and if the caller doesn't successfully navigate the menu, the call will not appear on your call log (or be billed). If the caller reaches the menu and listens to the menu three times without selecting a menu option, CallRail will automatically prevent that call from showing on your call log, reports, and your billing. 

Since we can't prevent people from calling a telephone number, filtering out the call within the menu is a great line of defense for spam or robocallers. 

Blocking and filtering phone numbers

If you're receiving repetitive unwanted calls or texts from the same number, that number can be blocked from calling in the future.

Learn more about blocking and filtering calls using this help article.

Marking calls as spam

Any unwanted call can be marked as spam.  Using the Mark as Spam button for calls in the current billing cycle will remove the call from your call log, and also from your reports and billing. 

You can also mark unwanted form submissions as spam. Using the Mark as Spam button for form submissions in the current billing cycle will remove the form submission from your log, reports, and billing. 

Replacing a tracking number

If a specific tracking number is receiving a high number of unwanted calls, we're happy to let you switch it out for a different one. Replacing the tracking number will release the number from your account, and we won't be able to recover it.

Click here for instructions on getting a replacement tracking number at no charge.


Can I import a list of telephone numbers for a "Do Not Call" (DNC) list?
No, we don't have a way to automatically block numbers you don't want your team to call since we don't provide any automatic dialing services. If there's a specific number you'd like to prevent your team from calling, we recommend adding a tag or note to that person's timeline to indicate that your team shouldn't call that person.

Should I block calls from +266696687?
You can block or challenge calls from specific phone numbers, including +266696687. But before you do, here are a couple things you should know:

  • +266696687 spells ANONYMOUS on your telephone keypad.
  • Legitimate callers who have blocked their caller ID sometimes use +266696687.
  • Callers from Skype often have +266696687 reported by caller ID.


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