Delete a call's recording

You can delete any single call's recording by accessing the waveform for the recording you'd like to remove. Deleting a call's recording permanently removes the recording and its transcription (if available). Once you deleted the recording, we won't be able to recover it. Only administrators can delete call recordings.

Deleting a call's recording only removes the audio for that call. We'll still keep the record of the call happening in your call log and for your reports. 

To ensure that you retain access to all recordings before you delete them, we recommend downloading an MP3 of your call's recording before deleting it.

Use this article to help you download a call's recording.

Deleting a call's recording

Use these instructions for each recording you'd like to delete.

  1. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Navigate to your Call Log by clicking Activity at the top of the page.

  3. Find the call whose recording you'd like to delete, and click the Timeline icon on the right-hand side of the Call Log.

  4. Find the recording you'd like to delete (if the caller has multiple recordings on their timeline) and click the Delete Recording icon above the call recording.

    Tip: Be sure you've downloaded this recording first if you think you'll need access to this recording at a later date. Once the recording is deleted, we won't be able to recover it.

  5. Click OK on the browser pop-up that asks you to confirm that you'd like to delete this call's recording and transcription. 
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