Troubleshooting call recording

You can record inbound and outbound calls in CallRail. It's a great way to capture and analyze conversations with leads, classify your interactions, and train your sales and customer service teams using real examples. 

Troubleshooting call recording 

If you can't find a call recording for a specific call, here are some common reasons why the call recording may be unavailable.

  • Inbound call recording must be enabled for each of your tracking numbers. Make sure you have inbound call recording turned on for each tracking number you'd like to record.

  • If call recording is turned on now, but was not turned on at the time of the call, there won't be a recording.

  • If a call was abandoned and ended less than 15 seconds after it was placed, there may not be a recording. It is likely the recipient’s phone did not have time to ring.

  • An administrator must enable outbound call recording on the account level. Until that setting is enabled, there won't be recordings for any outbound calls.

  • Unless the administrator sets the account to record all outbound calls by default, agents must click the “Record call” box in the outbound dialer prior to placing a call. If that box was not checked, the call will not be recorded. 


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