ROI by source custom report

With this report, you can calculate your return on investment by source to see which marketing channels are the most cost-effective for your business using tracked deals in HubSpot.


Getting started

We pull deals from HubSpot as the revenue amount to match with attribution in CallRail for ROI calculations. In order to use this report, you'll need:

  1. An active website pool with dynamic number insertion installed on your website.
  2. An active HubSpot integration.
  3. Deal tracking in HubSpot.

Need to print, export, or save a report? You can follow the instructions in this article to do so.

Set up tracking templates for ROI reporting

This report will automatically pull any campaign data available in CallRail via your integrations. In order to get the most accurate data for this report, make sure to integrate CallRail with Google Ads, Facebook, or Microsoft Advertising and ensure the correct tracking templates are applied for Facebook and Microsoft Advertising using the articles below. Google Ads will automatically have tracking assigned via the integration.

How to set up Microsoft Advertising tracking templates for lead reporting.

How to set up Facebook tracking templates for lead reporting.

Create an ROI by campaign report 

  1. Click Analytics on the left navigation bar.

  2. Select Reports at the top of the page.

  3. Click on Create Report from the Custom header on the left.

  4. Select ROI by Source and click Create Report.

  5. The report initially loads with a list of your sources in CallRail organized by ROI, with the total amounts for cost, revenue, and customer count for all selected campaigns bolded at the top. Each column displays an aggregated total of that source (organized by color), cost of all tracked campaigns for that source, revenue, customer count, and ROI.

  6. To add additional sources to your lead reporting, click on the Manage Spend button.

    Use this article to add or edit sources for lead reporting.

  7. This report automatically saves once it's created. 

Filter your ROI report 

Filter your ROI report to drill down to specific data. 

  1. Use the filter panel at the top of the report to change the data you're viewing.

    - Use the company drop-down to choose which companies should be on this report. You can select as many or as few as you'd like.

    - Use the date range drop-down to select the timeframe for the cost per qualified lead you'd like to see on this report.

    - Use the attribution drop-down to select the attribution model you'd like to see on this report.Your report initially loads with the 50/50 Model selected, but you can change models anytime. 

    Read about attribution models and how to use them.

    - Use the keyword/ad ID drop-down to select whether you'd like to see your data down to the keyword or ad ID for your campaigns.


Why don't I see revenue or ROI calculations in my report? 

If you're not seeing ROI or revenue it might be that you don't have any closed (won) deals for that timeframe. Our ROI report only matches contacts that have called one of your call tracking numbers at least once and matches it with closed deals in your HubSpot account. We don't pull in ROI data for deals that aren't in the close (won) state or contacts that have not interacted with any CallRail tracking numbers or form tracking submissions.

Read this HubSpot article for more information on deal stages.

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