New iOS Lead Center mobile app

There is a new version of the iOS Lead Center mobile app. Here’s what you can expect to see when you update to the latest app version.

Getting started

You'll need to update the app to see these changes. Currently, this version of the app is only available in light mode.


This update is specific to iOS only. If you are using the Lead Center mobile app on Android, you will not see these changes.

What's new?

New inbox

In line with Lead Center on desktop, the inbox has been split into two sections: Reviewed and Active.
New interactions will appear at the top of the Active section, followed by the most recent active interactions. All new interactions, regardless of type, will appear in the Active section. You will notice that missed calls, abandoned calls, and voicemails will now appear in the Active section. This is because these new interactions may need follow-up.


There are two ways to move an interaction to reviewed:

  • From within the interaction, click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose move to reviewed.

  • If it’s a form submission, while in the interaction, you can click on the Respond icon and choose move to reviewed.

If you want to learn more about how these sections work check out our support article on the topic: New Lead Center Inbox.

Logs for calls, texts and chats, and form submissions

There are now individual logs for each interaction type. Each of these have their own section in the mobile app. You can click on each icon to see the log dedicated to that interaction type.

All interactions will display in chronological order and will remain bolded until until you view them.

Call log

In this section, you will see all your call interactions, such as inbound, outbound calls, and voicemails.
Each interaction will be listed individually.


Form log

In this section, you will see all your form submissions.


Text and chat log

In this section, you will see all your text and chat interactions.



You can now view incoming chats and move them to Reviewed on the mobile app. However you’ll need to use the desktop version of Lead Center to respond to a chat. Alternatively, you can text or call the lead that sent you the chat.


Apple Face ID

For an added layer of security, you can now use Face ID to log in to the app. This feature uses face recognition to log you in.



Where can I listen to voicemails?
You can listen to voicemails from the Active section of the inbox.

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