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We’re excited to announce a new homepage for CallRail on desktop. The new homepage will provide a more unified view of your companies and allow you to easily view summaries of info and get quick insights into your call volume and activity. Through our homepage, you can see how each of your products is working together and see the value.

Want to leave feedback? Check out our Community post and let us know what you think about the new homepage.

What happened to the call log?

Your call log is still available to you. To view your call log, click the activity tab at the top of the page.

Homepage overview

Welcome to your new homepage! Here you can expect to find a unified view of your company. We will cover each of the new homepage sections below.

Total calls, total first-time callers, account alerts

These sections are great for viewing your account performance at a high-level.
Using the Total calls and Total first-time callers sections you can easily monitor your call volumes and see the amount of new leads for that week.

Account alerts will keep you notified of any important information in your account and lets you know if an integration might need your attention.

Calls by number, call attribution by source

These sections track your marketing performance and provide insights into the sources and interactions that are driving traffic.

In the calls by number section, you can get quick insights into your call volumes per tracking number, so you know which numbers are receiving the most calls. If you’d like to view the full report just click on the link.

In the call attribution by source section, you can get an overview of what sources are driving traffic to your business. If you’d like to view the full report just click on the link.

Recent activity, call status, unanswered calls by hour

These sections provide an overview of your business operations and workflows.

In Recent activity, you can see the most recent interactions for the company you selected.

In the call status section, you can see a quick snapshot of the answer statuses to get an idea of how many calls have been answered, unanswered, or abandoned.

In the unanswered calls by hour section, you can see a summary of missed calls, which can help you understand your peak call times and ensure calls are being answered accordingly.


Can I customize the sections on the homepage?
No, the sections presented on the homepage are not customizable. 

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