Getting started with form tracking

CallRail’s form tracking product helps you stay organized and on top of every form submitted to your website. Each time a customer fills out a form, we’ll capture the contents of that form and instantly alert you by phone call, text message, or email so you can increase your lead conversion rate. 

In addition to defining a few basic terms, use this article to learn how to:

  1. Create a CallRail account.
  2. Install your JavaScript snippet.
  3. Set up your first form.
  4. Enable integrations with your lead sources.
  5. Test your setup.

Getting Started

To use CallRail, you'll need an account. If you don't have an account already, here's how to set one up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to start your 14-day free trial of form tracking, and fill out the form with your information.
  3. We'll automatically log you in so you can get started.

Install your JavaScript snippet

To track forms with CallRail, you'll need to enable form tracking and install the JavaScript snippet. Placing our JavaScript snippet on your website lets us get valuable attribution information for you on the customers that either call your tracking numbers or submit a form on your website. 

You can install the Javascript snippet manually, or through platforms like Google Tag Manager or WordPress. For full instructions, see our help article on installing the JavaScript snippet.

Set up your first form

Custom forms

You can create a custom form within CallRail itself, where you can tailor the content and appearance to fit your business’s needs and embed your new form on your website. This will also give you more flexibility for reporting on your forms in CallRail.  For more information, check out our custom forms article.

External forms

Each company in your account has its own setup for external form tracking. If you have an existing form outside of CallRail, it can be integrated into your activity dashboard by following the steps in our Set up external form tracking article. 

Integrate with your cost-per-lead sources

There are plenty of other platforms your business may use to manage your ad campaigns. Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook sync up seamlessly using our native integrations. CallRail integrates with these popular ad platforms so you can see how your ads perform in a single dashboard.

Our multi-touch cost per lead reporting provides in-depth data on which of your ads and campaigns give you the most for their cost. Get more information on this powerful feature with our multi-touch cost per lead report help article.

The help articles on our Google Ads integration, Microsoft Advertising integration, and Facebook integration explains the steps you can take to get those platforms integrated with your new CallRail account.

Correlating forms with keywords

Once your form tracking is set up in CallRail, there is an optional step you can complete to see your keyword data reporting alongside your forms. These keywords display on your Form Activity dashboard, as well as in your customer's timeline.

Learn more about form analytics in this help article.

In order for CallRail to capture this keyword data for your forms, you'll set up your third-party tracking templates to use the "keyword={keyword}" parameter (just like we recommend for your call tracking templates).

This help article outlines how to add this parameter to your Google Ads account.

Test your setup

To confirm that your form submissions will display correctly, we recommend making a test form submission. Fill out your form with information that you'll be able to identify as a test case, and you should see it on your activity dashboard afterward.

Set up notifications

You can receive notifications when a potential lead has submitted a form on your website. These email notifications include each field your customer completed on your form, as well as the marketing campaign information for that customer.
Check out our form submissions notifications article for setup instructions.


Why aren’t my form submissions showing in CallRail?
If you're using external form tracking, use this help article to troubleshoot your form tracking setup.

I have multiple forms on one page, and only want to capture data from one form. How do I exclude a form from being tracked in CallRail?
You can exclude a form from being tracked with the help of HTML markup. Check out our API docs to learn you or a developer can set this up.

Can I track multi-page forms?
Unfortunately, not at this time. We receive form submissions on a per-page basis and multi-page forms don't submit fully for each page.

Is form tracking HIPAA compliant? 
Yes, our form tracking follows the same HIPAA compliant policies as our call tracking, but it requires a particular setup to make sure your account is in our system as a HIPAA account.

How to transition your account to HIPAA compliant.

Can I block certain form submissions?
Any unwanted form submission can be marked as spam. Using the Mark as Spam button for form submissions in the current billing cycle will remove the form submission from your log, your reports,  and billing.  

To help prevent spam, we also suggest adding a reCaptcha to your form. 

Adding reCAPTCHA to an HTML-Only Form.

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