Viewing caller timelines with visitor tracking

A caller's timeline contains a wide range of visitor information about your caller when you're using visitor tracking. This includes the web session and touchpoints a caller had on your website before, during, and after calling your business. You can also use your caller’s timeline to add important details about the caller, including their lead status, call tags, notes, and value.

Getting started

To learn more about how CallRail’s caller timelines compile data for visitor tracking, you can read our help article on session-level call attribution.

Caller ID and campaign information

Follow these instructions to access a timeline for each of your callers.

  1. Click Analytics on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose Activity at the top of the page.

  3. On your call log, click the Timeline icon for the call you’d like to view.

  4. At the top of the page is your caller's information. This includes their caller ID information and initial tracking number they called. There are also links to call them back, send them a text message, or block their number. 

  5.  To the right of the caller's timeline is the Anonymize Person button. This feature allows the administrators on your account to delete all the personal information (name, phone number, and email) saved for that caller while keeping the caller's interactions in the timeline.

  6. As you scroll down the page, you'll see a full timeline for the caller. This includes each phone call they’ve placed to and received from your business, all text conversations, any forms they have submitted, any voicemails that have been left, and each search or PPC campaign they’ve clicked on to reach your website.

  7. Within inbound and outbound call and voicemail events, you can see the tracking number that was dialed. 

  8. If you’re using call recording, you can click on each phone call in a timeline to review the call’s recording.

  9. We'll also display each page a caller visited on your website.

  10. We'll include visitor source attribution touchpoints along with any relevant attribution information that may be set on the tracking number such as medium, campaign, etc. 

  11. In the First Touch Milestone and Lead Creation and Qualified Milestones sections, you’ll see all relevant campaign information about a caller’s visit to your website. Click here for more details about the milestones. When a caller has been referred from a PPC campaign, you’ll see the following information:

  • The First Touch Milestone provides the campaign details of the marketing campaign that prompted their call.
  • The Lead Creation Milestone is the last source before a customer calls, texts, or submits a form and becomes known to your business as a raw lead.
  • The Qualified Milestone is the last source before a customer becomes scored as a qualified lead.
  • The Referring Page URL Variables includes the variables associated with the previous web page the caller was on before navigating to your site.
  • The Landing Page URL Variables includes the variables for the first page the website visitor landed on when navigating to your landing page/website.
  • The Full URLs provides the entire URL string for both the referring URL and landing page URL. This includes any additional URL tracking parameters you’ve added to your campaigns.

Maximizing caller timeline data

In the First Touch Milestone section of a caller's timeline, CallRail will automatically display the following URL tracking parameters if they have been added to your URLs in Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising:

- Keyword
- Match Type
- Network
- Ad Position
- Device

If you're using URL tracking parameters outside of the five listed above, the values of those parameters will be listed as the landing page URL within the Full URLs section.

To learn more about CallRail’s recommended tracking formula, read this help article:

Adding Tracking Parameters to your URLs.


Can I see the caller's campaign information and browsing details with source-level tracking?
Each call received by your tracking numbers will have a timeline; however, calls to website pools contain additional information since we’re tracking a caller’s session. To learn more about caller timelines for source tracking numbers, you can read our Source Tracking Overview support article.

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