Troubleshooting Contacts

A Contact in Lead Center is someone who's been added to a list of people you’re looking to interact with in Lead Center. To learn about how to manage your contacts, check out our support article.

If you notice that your Contacts are not uploading, there are several different ways we can help you determine why. 

What to look for if your upload failed

Upload failure means that there was something incorrect in the format of the file that was provided. You can address this by:

  1. Double-checking the columns in your template to ensure that the column headers or order of the columns have not changed. If either are changed in any way, your file won't upload successfully.

  2. Make sure you are saving your updated template a CSV file. Some spreadsheet programs may automatically save as another file type, so you'll want to confirm that you're saving or exporting as a CSV.

  3. Uploading your file again once all of the above looks checks out.

If you've tried all of these steps and continue to have issues with uploading your file, please contact our Support team for further assistance.

What to look for if some of your Contacts didn't upload

Here are some of the scenarios that can cause some of your Contacts to not show as being uploaded.

  1. You may already have a Contact with that phone number or email address.

  2. You may have Contacts that share the same number with different names in the same CSV. In this case, only the first Contact in the list with a unique number will be uploaded.

  3. You may have previously had this person as a Contact and deleted them.


Why does it say 0 of my Contacts have been successfully uploaded?
Any duplicate Contact phone number or email address that already exists within the system will not count as a new upload.

If I delete a Contact, can I add them back?
Not yet. If you need to change a Contact, we recommend editing their details instead of removing them as a Contact.

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