Adding your tracking number to a Yelp listing

After creating a source tracking number, you can place the number within a Yelp listing to track the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Placing the tracking number within your Yelp listing allows you to track customers who see your listing and call your business directly from it. Your caller’s data will appear in your reports in your CallRail account.

Learn more about source tracking.

Add your tracking number to Yelp

Once you've created the tracking number in CallRail, add it to your listing in Yelp. Read about Yelp's guidelines for placing phone numbers on a business page.

Prefer to use Yelp's instructions? Check out their help article on updating your business information.

  1. Once you're logged into Yelp (, go to the Business Information tab.

  2. Click Add next to the phone number section.

  3. Enter the source tracking number you created in CallRail. Click Save when finished.

Available data

When you use a source tracking number, you'll receive the following information about each of your calls:

- The name of the tracking number that received the call.
- The channel or campaign source of the call (this is important if you use our JavaScript snippet).
- The tracking number that received the call.
- Date and time of the call.
- The caller's caller ID information, including their name and telephone as configured by their carrier.
- City.
- Duration of the call.
- A visitor timeline that includes inbound and outbound calls associated with a caller.

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