Call waiting

Call waiting allows you to place an active call on hold and answer a second incoming call, resulting in fewer missed calls and helping you make sure no lead gets left behind.

Getting started

When you have call waiting enabled, and you’re on an active call, you’ll receive a visual and audio notification of an incoming call.  From there, you’ll have two options:

  • Decline - this will decline the second incoming call, and you’ll remain connected with your current call.
  • Hold and Answer - this will place your current call on hold, and you’ll be connected to the second incoming call.

 If you'd like to end your current call and accept the incoming call, click the end call button in your current call and then click  Answer in the incoming call.

Currently, the limit is two calls. Any subsequent calls will be routed based on your call routing settings. 


Call waiting isn't compatible with a queue step. If you'd like to use call waiting, you'll need to edit any call flows that contain using a queue step.

Enabling Call waiting

If you are a new customer, call waiting is enabled by default. If you are a current customer, you can follow these steps to enable call waiting:

  1. Click the Account icon on the top left, and then select Account Settings.

  2. Choose Details from the Details header.

  3. In Lead Center Settings, click the check box to enable Call Waiting.

  4. Since call waiting does not work with a Queue step, edit any call flows that contain a Queue step.

Using Call waiting

When you are on an active call, follow these steps to place that call on hold and answer a second call.

  1. When you’re on an active call and see an incoming call, you can select Hold and Answer. This will put the first caller on hold and connect you with the second incoming caller. The caller on hold will hear our default hold music.

  2. You are now on an active call with the second caller while the first caller is on hold.

    Note: if you'd like to put both callers on hold, you can click the Hold icon while in the active call.

  3. To switch between the current call and the call on hold, you can click Swap Calls.

  4. This will place the second caller on hold  and make the first caller your active call. You can switch between the two calls as needed.

  5. To end one of the calls, make sure it’s the active call. You can't end a call that is on hold.


Can I transfer one of the callers to another agent?
Yes. You can transfer either of the two calls to another agent. You can use these articles to learn more about transferring calls:

Warm Transfers

Cold Transfers

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