Cold transfers

You can transfer an active call to any agent in Lead Center. Cold transfers send the call directly to a different agent. Once you initiate a cold transfer, you are immediately disconnected. The customer will hear ringing, as if they were calling the agent directly. If the agent does not answer, the call will go to the agent's voicemail. If the agent does not have voicemail enabled, the call will be disconnected.

Making a cold transfer

  1. On an active call, click the Transfer button at the top of the interaction panel.

  2. Find the name of the agent to whom you would like to transfer the call. Click Cold Transfer. Note: If the agent is unavailable, you have the option to transfer the call directly to their agent voicemail.

  3. You will be disconnected from the customer. They will hear ringing, as they would if they were calling the agent directly. Once the agent answers, the transfer is complete.

  4. If the agent is not online or doesn't pick up, the customer will be sent to the agent's personal voicemail. If the agent doesn't have voicemail set up, the call will be disconnected.

How to accept a transfer

  1. When another agent transfers a call to you, it will show up in your inbox in the Active section. Click Accept Transfer to take the call. 

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