Warm transfers

You can transfer an active call to any agent in Lead Center. Warm transfers allow you to talk to another agent before transferring the customer — and then introduce the customer to the other agent before leaving the call.

Getting started

When you initiate a warm transfer the customer is put on hold. You will hear ringing while you connect to the other agent, and if the agent picks up, you can speak to them one-on-one. Then, take the customer off of hold to join the call, where all three of you can hear each other. Then you can exit the call to complete the transfer.

Making a warm transfer

  1. On an active call, click the Transfer button at the top of the interaction panel.

  2. Find the name of the agent to whom you would like to transfer the call. Click Warm Transfer. Note: Warm transfers are unavailable if an agent is in a busy state.

  3. When you click the warm transfer button, the customer will be put on hold. You will hear ringing while you connect to the other agent. 

  4. If the agent does not pick up or is not online, the transfer will not go through. You'll see a notice at the bottom of the screen. The caller will remain on hold (you can click the Unhold Caller button at any time to speak to the customer during this process).

  5. To try a different agent, click the Transfer Call icon at the top of the interaction panel again, and select a different name from the list.

  6. If the agent does pick up, you'll be able to speak to them while the customer remains on hold. Click Unhold Caller to bring the caller into the conversation with the other agent. 

  7. Click the hang up button to exit the call.

How to accept a transfer

  1. When another agent transfers a call to you, it will show up in your inbox in the Active section. Click Accept Transfer to take the call. 

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