Reactivating a deactivated tracking number

After you deactivate a tracking number, it can be reactivated for up to four weeks from the date it was deactivated. After four weeks, the number is permanently released and can no longer be reactivated. 

Reactivating a deactivated tracking number

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to reactivate a deactivated tracking number.

  3. Click the Deactivated tab to access deactivated numbers. 

  4. Find the number you would like to reactive. Click the arrow button

  5. Select Reactivate in the pop-up window. The number can immediately begin taking calls again.


I tried to reactivate a tracking number, but the arrow is greyed-out and I can't click it. What gives?
After four weeks, the tracking number can no longer be reactivated. Once the number has been permanently released, you will see the word "Unavailable" in the status column in the Deactivated Numbers page under the Tracking tab.

It's been more than four weeks. Is there any way to get the number back?
No. After four weeks, the number is released back to our carrier.

Can I reactivate a number pool? Will the pool include the exact same phone numbers?
Yes, you can reactivate a number pool. When you reactivate a number pool using this method, the pool will contain the same numbers as before. However, if you contact the Support team to reactivate a number pool for you, the numbers in the pool may be different.

I ported my numbers out of CallRail. Can I reactivate those here?
No. Once a number is ported away from CallRail, your new carrier's system routes calls to that number, and CallRail won't have access to that system to reactivate the number. Tracking numbers that have been ported out of CallRail cannot be reactivated. 

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